April Fools Day: Nothing Tops World Chaos

It's April Fool's Day.  I tried to think of a clever prank to pull on the Huz and the boys, but honestly, what prank could ever top the crazy things happening in the world?  Not going to school for over a month, non-essential businesses closed, and people advised to stay home for a period of six or seven weeks?  It's like the whole world is being punk'd!

This is Week 3 of working from home for me.  My oldest has started eLearning.  My middle is participating in the recommended activities until he begins eLearning next week, and my sweet little 4K student is just playing all day, but his teacher will be dropping off a packet of worksheets and activities to keep him learning this next thirty days.

It's been a challenge balancing my work duties while my kids are home.  I am managing, but I find that I'm talking to myself more often than I care to admit.

"Those dishes can wait.  You need to work right now."

"Ignore the mess the children made, you can worry about it later."

"Delegate the dog duties to the kids.  They begged for this dog, now they can play with her, feed her, and walk her."

"No, don't be tempted to fold that pile of clean laundry.  Focus, Dana. Work, work, work."

One great thing about working at home is that my lunch break is used efficiently.  I've managed to eat a salad, tidy up the living room, switch the loads of laundry, and wash dishes in one whole hour. So much time saved!

The kids mostly behave when I'm working but occasionally I hear bickering and fighting.  More than once I've had to mute myself on Webex meetings to lose my shit keep them in line. I try not to get to the point of yelling, but let's be honest, I have three boys who don't always listen the first time.

I've also noticed these children eat all day.  I know they didn't eat this much in school.  How did they survive this long on so little to eat during the day?  I'm constantly hearing the refrigerator door opening.  Every time I go into the kitchen there are plates and wrappers on the counter.  And I've never had to ask them to take out the garbage so often! It seems like nearly every day it's full.

As I type this the two youngest are fighting about getting shoes on to go outside.  Full disclosure, our screen time rules went out the window after two weeks of quarantine.  Gannon's eyes would be glued to the iPad all day if I wasn't paying attention.  The older two are addicted to Xbox, but I've been pleasantly surprised to see them playing catch in the front yard.

It gets a little nuts around here when we're stuck together for too long.  I've had to force the kids to go to their rooms for a few minutes of peace.  We all need quiet time.

Even though I'm stir crazy, I'm trying to look for the blessings. I love that I'm home with my kids.  I love to capture our new daily normal in pictures.  I know that in 10 years we'll look back on this insanity and laugh at the silly moments we've shared.

Dawson and Daley 

Gannon on the iPad, again.  

My handsome middle boy, Owen.

How are you?  What are you doing to survive days of going nowhere?


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