Jumpstart January

We are just days away from a brand spankin' new year, friends!  Raise your hand if you're ready to own 2020?

I know I cannot possibly be the only person excited to start fresh.  I can honestly say that 2019 wasn't too horrible.  There were ups.  There were downs.  There were days I said, "WTF!" a little too often.

I didn't accomplish all of my goals, but that's okay. I've already forgiven myself and moved forward with the next play in the game of life.  And if all goes well in 2020, I'll be ready to spike that ball and dance in the end zone next December 31st.

I don't intend to set resolutions in 2020.  I've decided to choose a theme instead.  My focus is on consistency.  In prior years I've struggled because I've felt that I need to be perfect to be successful.  I don't know why perfection is ingrained in my mind. Perhaps being the oldest child, the responsible one, has affected how I live my life. 

Frankly, this struggle is exhausting.  Instead of writing resolutions I know I won't stick to, I've begun organizing my life and planning goals for each month of next year. 

One of the tools I'm using is a planner I purchased from Commit30

(No affiliation links, and this post is not sponsored by the company, I'm simply sharing a product I love.

This amazing company has planners in paper and digital formats.  As someone who loves to write things down, naturally I purchased the paper planner.

I love this thing.  I had bought their fitness planner last year and used it to track my exercise and nutrition.  The thing I love best about these planners is that I can set yearly goals and then break them down into monthly goals with action steps.  This is important to me.  To visualize the entire year and work toward achieving my goals in smaller doses will help me tremendously.

I also purchased the fitness planner again, too.  I love that I can hold myself accountable by writing in my workouts, what I've eaten and how much water I've consumed.  Look how adorable these pages are:

Need accountability in your routine?  The Commit30 fitness planner may be just the thing for you!

The team at Commit30 also offers freebies on their website.  Their January Jumpstart is a great challenge to get you motivated in the New Year.  Check it out here.

One of my plans this weekend is to relax with a White Claw (I hear they are all the rage right now) and start planning my events and activities.  I have a plan to get my life organized so that I can feel like a functioning adult. 

And doing this consistently is the ticket to an organized life.  Or it may just get me drunk.  (That was sarcasm, people.)

How are you gearing up for the New Year?  Hit me with your goals in the comments!


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