October 30-Day Challenge: Let's Go Running

Goodbye, September! It's the last day of the month and I'm gearing up for changes!

September is always a month of transition for me.  I reluctantly say goodbye to the last days of summer weather, school is well under way, and I'm ready to don sweaters and boots.

Tomorrow, October begins and I'm looking forward to all of the fall things the month brings, but I'm also very excited because I've set goals for myself and I'm eager to tackle them!

If we're friends on Facebook you've likely read my posts or viewed my stories and know that I'm gearing up for a running challenge.  I've committed to 30 days of running.  Yes, every day.

I wasn't much of a runner in my younger years.  Let's be honest; I hated it.  However, the summer after Owen was born I started the Couch to 5K program at the urging of a friend.

Those first few weeks included shin splints, bursitis, side stitches and cursing.  Many F-bombs were dropped on the trails.  I stuck with it and fell in love with the runner's high that everyone told me about.  The best part of the program was the rapid weight loss.  I dropped all of my pregnancy weight and then some.

When winter arrived I quit running. I was successful that summer and fall because I ran outdoors.  Being outside and seeing different scenery motivated me to keep going.  Once the snow started falling my legs didn't seem to adapt to cold and ice, and I hated treadmill running. Treadmills are so boring, but I kick myself for quitting.  It's been difficult to get back into it.  I've tried multiple times in the last nine years and have given up at the first sign that things won't go my way.

The excuses stop now.

This time I'm not going to think about it.  I've decided to just get my shoes on and go.  The goal is to run every day.  I'm not going to focus on running fast or far those first few days. I've committed to lacing up my shoes and getting my butt out the door.  That's it.  The rest will come later.

However, to measure my progress, I have chosen a route in which I know the exact distance. I'm going to aim to improve my time each run.  This is important.  This is what will keep me motivated as I ease into this challenge.  After the 30 days are over I'm going to stick with it because I want to run the Point Bock next March.  I did it a few years ago and it was brutal.  This time I'm going to nail it!

Who wants to join me in this challenge?  The only rules are you must run every day for 30 days, and run at your own pace.  I think it would be awesome to have a support team during this next month!

I plan to journal my progress so stay tuned!


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