Boy Mom Problems: No Kneed to Worry

There are several things I'm certain of as a mom of boys.  My house is always loud, the boys are incessantly hungry, the fridge is often empty and someone is always getting hurt.

This week Owen is the injured child.  Flag football season started and his first game was Monday night.  Towards the end of the game my little tackle went for his opponent's flag but was tripped or pushed and fell to the ground.  Owen got up right away, shook it off and continued playing.  

Tuesday morning Owen got a ride to school but decided to walk home afterward with a friend.  He walked through the door with tears streaming down his face.  The Huz, having successfully graduated from medical school always one to underestimate the severity of child injuries, decided that it was "just a sprain" and told Owen he would be okay in a few days.

When I arrived home from work Owen was limping around the house and complaining that his knee really hurt.  

"Mom, it's from football.  It hurts to walk."

"Why didn't you say anything last night?"

"It only hurt for a second at the game.  It just got worse on the walk home!"

Looking him over, his left knee was swollen.  The Huz made up an ice pack, children's ibuprofen was administered and we had Owen elevate his leg for the rest of the night.  At bed time he was still suffering and had trouble sleeping.  He woke up at midnight and more pain medication was given.

Wednesday morning was worse.  Owen couldn't put any weight on that leg and he was crying so much he could hardly breathe.  I knew a trip to Urgent Care was required.  

Thus began a crazy morning of driving Dawson to school, delivering Gannon to daycare and calling my boss to let her know what was up.

Arriving at the hospital we realized the Urgent Care department didn't open for thirty minutes. I carried my little boy, all 68 pounds of him, into the registration area.  After checking him in they brought him a wheel chair and we tried to wait patiently. I did my best to distract him from the pain.  I was relieved when they called us back right as they opened.

The doctor ordered a scan of the knee.  Owen was such a trooper even though it hurt immensely to contort his leg and knee into the necessary position to get a good picture.  The bad news came later.

"His knee has too much swelling.  We don't know exactly which part of the knee is injured.  It could be the growth plates, they could have possible bruising, or he may have torn a ligament."

The plan was to mobilize the knee with a large leg brace, apply ice every half hour to reduce swelling, administer Tylenol/Advil alternately for pain, and Owen would need to use crutches for the next four or five days. The worst news of all: NO football for awhile.   

I spent the rest of the day attending to Owen, teaching him how to use crutches and making sure he could get to the bathroom without issue.  It was exhausting for both of us.

"Mom, I HATE THESE CRUTCHES! My other leg is TIRED. I just want to sit down!"

"I know, Kiddo.  This sucks.  But you have to learn how to do this or it's going to be awful for the next five days."

After some practice he got the hang of it.  He went to CCD last night so that he could get used to walking through hallways. 

I sent him to school this morning and he made it through the day.  He told me all of his friends wanted to know what happened and others just wanted to know how he was feeling.  

"Mom, I told them that it sucks but the bright side is I don't have to take Daley for walks, she just cuddles by me.  AND everyone brings me stuff like water and food!"

"Well, I'm glad you're looking on the bright side.  I know you're sad to miss football.  I worried about you all day, but you got through it!" I said.

"No need to worry, Mom! I'm fine."

"You just made a pun! No kneed to worry!"  I could't stop laughing.  He looked at me like I'd gone mad.

Here's hoping he heals fast.

They look so sad! 


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