Back to School: Hello, Week Two

The first week of school is over and the second one is in full swing.  My boys are still getting back into the routine.  I still have to raise my voice sometimes to get their little butts out of bed.  It's not easy when I'm tired myself.

We had a fun weekend at Pacelli Panacea.  Dawson decided he did not want to go, but the little boys and I bought wrist bands for the carnival rides and spun ourselves silly for nearly five hours. I let Owen run off with his aunt and uncle to ride the "big kid" rides, and Gannon and I tackled the littler ones.  He loved the race cars, the carousel, the spinning puppy ride and the Ferris wheel.  I even convinced him to try the tilt-a-whirl and the one I call the "sky umbrellas" and he loved it.  It was so cute when he got excited and screamed and then yelled, "Hold me, mama!"  

My brother and sister-in-law joined us with my nephews, too.  I loved getting to take Aaron on the Ferris wheel with Gannon and me.  He was waving to Papa and Nana each time we passed them and would yell out, "we're going down!" 

Ganny loved the Ferris wheel!

Aaron loved it, too!

Noah and Eli loved the obstacle course because they got to climb so high and then slide down a very long slide. Gannon liked it, too.  I love seeing these boys together.  They will have many fun cousin memories as they grow up.

This is a busy week for our family with practices and meetings.  Owen has football practice today after school but there were heavy thunderstorms last night and it is still raining this morning.  I imagine the field is going to be very wet unless the sun manages to peek out this afternoon.  He is so excited to play and wants to get on the field and throw the ball.  Trying to find his football gear is another story.  He can't remember where he put it and I have been too busy to help him look. I'm a broken record always telling the boys to put things away so they can find them when they need them.

Dawson has cross country practice every day this week and a meet on Saturday.  His ankle seems to be bothering him less each day and I keep telling him to do strength training exercises to build those muscles that he uses most when running.  I'm so proud of him for sticking with it these last three years.  I think he will improve as time goes on.  He's also gearing up for a new year of Boy Scouts.  I still can't believe he's been in it since first grade! Eight years (and counting) of scouting for our family.  

I committed to another year as Pack Secretary for Cub Scouts and I'm also the Lion Leader for the third year in a row.  Next year will be my last as Gannon will finally be able to join scouting and I plan to move up with him.  Our committee meeting is this week and Popcorn sales start this weekend.  Owen set himself a goal of $2,500 but I don't know how realistic that is.  He'd have to go door to door for 10 miles!

I'm also teaching CCD at St. Bronislava for another year.  I didn't think I was going to return because I was told I'd be traveling more for work.  Instead they've made me the Development Product Owner for Michigan State Reporting in the Qmlativ software so I'm not going anywhere for the next year and a half.  It's bittersweet as I love traveling, but I am excited about this new adventure.  I'm teaching 4th grade so that I can have Owen in my class.  Tomorrow night is our first catechist meeting and I'm excited to start planning lessons.  

I'm already tired just thinking about all we have to do.  Fall is definitely on it's way.  Schedules are busier, the weather is getting chillier, and I'm excited for the changing leaves and sweater weather.  Soon we'll be visiting corn mazes and pumpkin patches, two of my favorite things to do in autumn.

How's your week going? Who's ready for fall?


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