Mother's Day 2019

Mother's Day was pretty awesome this year.  I had decided weeks ago not to make any plans because I didn't want my expectations to be set high only to have a failure of a day.  Last year, the Huz worked Mother's Day...on purpose...and I pretty much yelled at my children for eight hours.  The kids didn't do anything special for me, and the Huz didn't plan ahead to get them in line.  I distinctly remember asking him if he enjoyed Father's Day every year and when he admitted he did, I blew up saying he could thank me for all the cards and gifts from our kids because they sure as hell didn't do all that on their own.

This year I think my husband knew better than to work and he asked me Saturday morning what I wanted to do.  I was flabbergasted because I didn't expect him to ask, nor had I even thought about it.  I knew I wanted the day to be low key.  No driving all over town.  No expensive brunch or dinner out because the picky eaters in our family wouldn't eat anything to justify spending the money.  I thought of all my favorite foods and told him I wanted shrimp cocktail and wine and maybe a steak, or bacon wrapped asparagus. 

"Are you sure you want to splurge," he asked. "I know you're killing it at the gym."

"I'm sure.  I just don't want to cook or clean or yell at anyone this year," I replied.

I started Sunday morning by waking up at 5:30 a.m.  All those early morning gym sessions have me programmed to be awake at the butt crack of dawn.  Instinctively, I grabbed my phone and perused social media trying to fall back to sleep.  It didn't work.  I read a book for an hour, then tried to watch Netflix and realized after 15 minutes of not paying attention to whatever I had on that I was not going to waste the day.

Daley, our new, adorable and energetic beagle mix, was finally awake and whining to go out.  I asked my oldest to take her out to potty and I got dressed in my gym clothes so I could walk her.  I definitely got my workout.

I thought a nice jaunt to Little Plover River Park would be pretty fun but Daley had other ideas.  We started out on the bike path and after getting past the neighbor's back yard into a more wooded area I had to drag my puppy.  Something startled her and I couldn't figure out what.  She wasn't barking, she just wouldn't budge. She kept trying to turn around and go back toward home.  I thought I could show her who's boss and dragged her half way to Plover Springs Drive and realized this wasn't going to work. My stubborn puppy was making it extremely difficult to continue our walk.

After turning around Daley practically ripped my arm out of the socket as she ran toward home. When we got back to the treeline she pulled me right into the woods and I tried tugging her back out.  Suddenly, I noticed a family of foxes scattering around me.  Daley was barking like a maniac, I was trying to stop her from attacking them and got tangled in the leash.  When the foxes were gone she began tugging me toward their scent.  Once we got to Roosevelt Drive I thought I might as well keep walking.  Next thing I know she's chasing after what I thought was a bird and I yanked her leash back.  Imagine my shock when she had a mole in her mouth! Poor thing was trying to survive her jaw.  I pulled it out while gagging the entire time, but he flopped onto the ground and wasn't moving.  Daley thinks she's a hunting dog! We made a loop to Cedar Drive, Post Road and back to Roosevelt Drive heading home and the MapMyWalk app on my phone tracked 1.9 miles. 

Back home I woke up the kids and the Huz and we made it to church.  I wore a dress and insisted the boys wear their nice clothes.  Little G calls them his wedding clothes because he only wears them on special occasions, but all three boys looked so handsome. It was nice to wear something pretty for a change.  I totally forgot to get a picture this year.  I'm a little bummed about it today, but I can always do it next weekend.

The Huz and I dropped off the boys at home and hit the grocery store to get what we needed for dinner.  I walked around looking for salad ingredients and the Huz picked up the rest.

Back home, the boys played XBOX, little guy and I read books and took a walk to the playground, and I relaxed by reading and watching part of a movie (I never finish them it seems, too much to do at home).

Dinner was amazing. The huz made tenderloin steaks, roasted fingerling potatoes, bacon wrapped asparagus and shrimp cocktail.  All the things I asked for. 

I was surprised to get a card from the boys and O gave me the gift of cleaning and vacuuming the van.  I supervised and helped a little bit, and he did a really great job.  It's so clean and he used Armor All on the dashboard and steering wheel!  It's like having a new car.

I ended the night by doing dishes, even though the Huz told me not to do them.  I just wanted to wake up to a clean kitchen.  I really feel lucky and blessed by my boys.  All four of them!


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