Whole30 Take Two

Back in 2009, shortly after giving birth to my second child, I decided to try the Whole30 diet I was hearing so much about.  Friends had given me their recommendations and they raved about their results.  I, however, struggled with this plan as a nursing mother.  I was constantly hungry.  I was too busy to do any meal planning.  I totally and completely failed my first go round.

When my baby was about eight months old I started running.  I hadn't ran since high school so to start that from scratch was an amazing accomplishment for me.  I used the Couch to 5K program and lost a ton of baby weight.  Winter hit and my running ended abruptly.  Now I struggle to get back into that, too.

The real issue was I tried to make too many changes all at once.  I wasn't fueling myself for my workouts and I crashed and burned.  I'm not going to make those mistakes again.

Now that my youngest is 3 and I'm definitely done having babies, I'm giving Whole30 another chance.  I've had the cookbook for years and love a lot of the recipes.  This diet reminds me a lot of the Paleo plan I also tried back in 2010.  I just didn't have the determination to do it, to really commit. Now that I'm nearing 40, my health is not where it should be at all and it's time to make these changes and make them stick.

I started the plan today, giving myself the first day of the month to prep and plan.  I figured since July has 31 days it would be good to count down to the 31st.  I'm ready.  I'm motivated.  I'm also very nervous.

Giving up dairy will be difficult.  I love cheese.  And butter.  I also love sugary treats like licorice and peanut butter M&Ms.  I know I won't miss the fast food or bread or pasta.  My body just wasn't tolerating that stuff anymore.  I'd often feel lethargic and sick after eating that junk.

If you'd like the start this journey with me, I'd recommend starting here, or with the rules.  I printed out the downloaded version. You can also check out the cookbooks, perhaps your local library may carry a copy.  The recipes really are delicious and do not consist of hard to find ingredients.  It's cooking more simply with real, wholesome ingredients.

One of the recommendations of the program is to journal what I'm thinking and feeling so I thought I'd make this a weekly blog post to update my progress and keep myself accountable.

Here we go!


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