June Dairy Breakfast 2018

It's summer in Wisconsin and it's also June which means June Dairy Month is well underway!  One of my favorite events held locally is the Portage County June Dairy Breakfast.  My family and I try to attend every year and it's always a fun day of hayrides, tractors, cows and more!

This year's event was very special for me and my family.  The June Dairy Breakfast was held at Ostrowski Brothers Farms in Amherst Junction.  This is the homestead where my grandma, Alice Landowski, was raised.  Her brothers Pete and Barney took over the farming in later years.  Sadly, my Great Uncle Pete passed away in 2002, but his wife Chris and her sons Joe, Ben, Tim and Peter have continued the farming tradition.

My mom and I are very nostalgic when it comes to anything dairy farm related.  Growing up on a farm herself, my mom passed on her love of the country life to me and my siblings.  I loved visiting my grandparents' farm as a child.  My grandma never had a driver's license so when we'd visit we'd take her grocery shopping and to visit the farms of her siblings.  Visiting Uncle Pete's farm was super fun as his kids were my age and we'd often play outside near the barn while the adults chatted about the goings on in town.  We'd also visit Uncle Ernie and Aunt Dolores who lived near Lake Emily.  Down the road from Uncle Pete's was the homestead of Uncle Joe and Aunt Emily.  Joe was my Grandpa Adolph's brother.  He and his wife Emily always had cute little kittens running around.  I loved going there.

It's hard to believe how fast time goes by.  It seems like only yesterday that I was a young girl running through the farm fields.  I miss those old days so much.  What I would give to see my Grandparents, Great Aunts, and Great Uncles just one more time.

My kids didn't quite understand why I was reminiscing and feeling a little sad, but they did have a great time riding in the "train" made from farm equipment!  Check out some of the photos from today:

My sweet Baby G always makes this face when I ask him to smile!

My oldest.  He is so kind to his little cousin!

All Aboard!

Mr. O.  He's my wild child!

My mom and my great aunt.  

Posing with the dairy cow.

These calves are just chillin'!

Checking out the barnyard!


The original barn.

Tractors on display.

My grandmother's homestead. 

I still remember playing in these barns!

Farmhouse.  So many memories!

Over a hundred years of farming tradition!

Beyond the barnyard is Ostrowski Lake.

The Huz and G on the hayride!

He's not sure if he should smile.

Nonna with her grandsons.

Big D!

Me with my nephew.  He's not a fan of hayrides just yet!

My great-grandparents and their children, circa 1938.
My grandmother is the tallest girl, in the middle of the back row.

Aerial view of the farm.

I'm so glad my family got to spend the day together.  We're looking forward to next year!


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