When I was a very little girl my Aunt Judy shared her love of Elvis Presley with me.  When Aunt Judy would babysit me, and later my siblings, she'd put on the Elvis records and we would have a dance party.  I think my love of oldies started then.

Sometime before kindergarten, I told everyone who'd listen that I was going to marry Elvis when I grew up.  It was then that my aunt told me Elvis was dead.  I cried for days, apparently.  Regardless of my first heartbreak my love of Elvis and his music continued throughout my life.  I watched every movie he starred in.  Yes, even Flaming Star.  Yes, it's one of the most boring Elvis movies ever.  I read every book about Elvis I could get my hands on.  I planned to take a trip to Graceland.  Years went by and I kept putting it off.  I went to college.  I got married.  I had kids.  Graceland could wait.

But then this year I was scheduled on work trip to Millington, Tennessee.  Imagine my thrill when I realized this town was 30 minutes north of Memphis.  It was fate!  It was destiny!  I was so damn excited.  It was the coolest thing to finally see Elvis' home!

My first day in Memphis I toured Sun Studio.  What an amazing experience.  Our tour guide was phenomenal.  He shared so many stories of those old rock and roll days.  The history!  The music!  I was impressed that I knew much of what he shared with us, but it was so cool to hear the stories again.

A little history...

Our tour guide was the coolest!

THE MICROPHONE! Yes, Elvis sang out of this...and Jerry Lee...and Roy Orbison...and Johnny Cash!

Jerry Lee Lewis burned a hole in the ivory with his cigar during the Million Dollar Quartet jam session.

Million Dollar Quartet


The Historic Sun Studio!

Johnny's paycheck!

Thank you, Sam Phillips, for all you did for rock and roll music!

It's just soo cool to walk through the same door as Elvis!

Mr. Phillips would be proud.

Standing outside was just so awesome.  I definitely had goosebumps!

This side of the building was formerly a cafe, the original order window now displays gift shop merchandise.

This "record shop" was the kitchen of the cafe back in the 1950s.
I didn't have a lot of time after visiting Sun Studios, so I didn't make it to Beale Street.  I was a little sad, but now I have an excuse to go back.  Plus, so many of the museums I wanted to visit were only open until 5 p.m.  I didn't have enough time after work to get to them before they closed.  I really wanted to visit the National Civil Rights Museum while I was there.

On my last day in Memphis I finally made it to GRACELAND!

The Foyer and Staircase

Priscilla was so very beautiful!

Carpet in the kitchen!

The TV Room

The Rec Room

The Jungle Room

Vernon's Office

Lisa Marie's swingset

Graceland's back yard.

What a beautiful family they were!

Elvis' tuxedo and Priscilla's Wedding Dress

Elvis' grandson is definitely the spitting image of the King of Rock & Roll


Roses in the meditation garden

The lounge are of the racqetball court.

The original family headstone marker that was moved from the cemetery.

Elvis, his father, mother and grandmother are buried here.

May he rest in peace.

The Pool

Graceland Mansion

It's small by today's standards but definitely a mansion in the 1950s

Historic Landmark

TCB in a flash on the Lisa Marie

Elvis' bedroom on the plane.

I cannot explain how awesome it was to see Graceland.  You feel like you stepped into 1977, as though time had stood still.  I didn't cry like some of the older women did, but I could definitely feel Elvis' presence.  It was a genuine warmth, as though he personally welcomed you into his home.  The right words may come to me one day.  I'm just so glad I got to see it all in person!

 Memphis definitely has a lot of cool things to see and do and I hope to get back there one day with my family. 


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