A Return from Hiatus

I took a little break from blogging because life got extremely busy.  I was pulled in so many different directions that a lot of things fell by the wayside, such as cleaning my house, blogging, taking time for myself. Also, I didn't have much to write about other than the mundane.  Daily life can be so boring, so routine.

To recap on the last two months, here's a few things that happened:
  • I traveled to Kansas City for work, and to a little town called Osawatomie, KS.  It's a beautiful place to visit.  I had a wonderful week working with a small district.  And...my husband survived a week without me.  The kids were still okay when I returned.
  • My father and brother went into the bar business again.  Frank & Ernie's is back!
  • My middle son celebrated his First Holy Communion.
  • I'm headed to Texas and Tennessee for work in the next two weeks.
  • I broke my toe this morning. Seriously.  I slipped down the stairs and broke my pinkie toe.  It hurts...so...much.
A few pictures from my KC trip:
John Brown Statue, Osawatomie, KS

Plaza Kansas City, MO
I am looking forward to traveling the next two weeks.  Not so excited about wearing the bootie until my toe heals.  Praying for a quick recovery!


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