The Little Smarty Pants

My sweet baby boy, my youngest is growing too fast.  I look at this little boy and I'm fascinated by what he says and does.  I often wonder what he's thinking.  He's going to turn three years old in May and every day he learns something new or says a new phrase.  He stuns me with the new words he's learned.  He has such a good memory, too.

Today we were coloring and I asked him to pass me a purple crayon. When he actually handed me a purple crayon I was speechless.  Then I tested him, asking him which colors he liked best.  He pulled out the blue and green and red, getting each one correct.  Where did this child come from, I wonder?

He's known a few of the colors for awhile now, but I suddenly realized I didn't teach him all of them.  It helps that he has two older brothers doting on him.  They are eager to play with him and teach him new things.

Last week he counted to ten correctly.  He was having trouble with numbers five and six and knowing which comes first in the order.  He's got it down now.

What I love most about wcathing my littlest boy learn is that he doesn't give up.  He persists until he gets it right and he's only two-and-a-half.  Seeing the smile on his face when I get excited about him is even better.  He grins from ear to ear.

I pray that he never loses his ambition to learn and grow.  That's a quality that will take him far in life.


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