Taking a Sick Day

The Stressed clan is...well...stressed, not dressed and sick. The littlest has had a fever since yesterday morning and only wants to be held.  I've got some kind of head cold/sinus thing going on.  The older boys are complaining of stomach aches.  The Huz escaped to work.  Yesterday we skipped church, and to be quite honest I could use a little more time with Jesus this week.  Last week was awful.

I'm so miserable I didn't even have the energy to post yesterday.  We all slept in my bed most of the day and then got up and lounged on the floor of the living room while watching movies.  I made stuffing for breakfast because it was the easiest thing other than cereal.

I was up all night with my baby so I'm utterly exhausted.  Despite dosing him with Tylenol, he still has a fever and was having nightmares all night.  I called the nurse line and she's almost certain he has symptoms of influenza.  We're going to try and get an appointment today to be seen by the pediatrician.

Since I feel like my head is stuck in a vice grip I thought I'd share this awesome blog post that I know all you moms out there will relate to.  Totally how my day is going (time to go back to bed).


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