Baby, It's Cold Outside

That stupid groundhog saw his stupid shadow yesterday so we're all going to continue freezing our tails off for six more weeks.

Yeah, I don't hate winter at all.  

Truth be told I don't mind the snow until I have to drive in it (because people drive like maniacs here).  A fresh coat of nature's white paint is actually quite beautiful. There's always something magical about the snow as it's falling, especially when it's dark outside.

The negative temperatures and painful wind chills are what I can't stand.  I despise the bitter cold that you can feel in your bones.  I detest the frigid air outside that makes it almost impossible to take a deep breath.  I'm certain my lungs will freeze instantly when I inhale and shatter into shards of ice when I exhale.  Subzero temps are just not my thing.

Welcome to winter in Wisconsin. 

The bright side to the chilly season is that there are things to look forward to like layering all my favorite warm clothes into an outfit, drinking hot cocoa with the boys, cooking batches of my favorite winter soups and chilis, and curling up with a good book under tons of blankets.  I also like to go sledding and tobogganing with the kids. It's a great way to cure boredom from being cooped up in the house and it counts as exercise!

This morning during our rush to get out the door my sweet middle child told me he wished for more snow because he hasn't built a snowman yet this winter.

"Remember when we built a snowman last time?  That was so much fun!  Can we do that next time it snows?"

How can I say no to those sweet faces?

Punxsutawney Phil made it clear that winter is sticking around and the forecast tomorrow calls for snow. Looks like I've got a date with three very cute kids and a cool dude named Frosty.

What do you love/hate about Winter?


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