Stressed but Dressed

Motherhood is fun.  It's fun but it's not easy.  In fact, it's quite stressful.  Wife plus mother equals busy, busy, busy.  Add a full time career outside the home and you've got chaos.  It's a complex equation.

This morning was crazy.  Waking up three kids, helping the toddler get dressed, getting myself ready and trying to get out the door on time never seems to go as I plan.  The teenager is tired and doesn't want to get out of bed.  My 8-year-old refuses to get his shoes on unless I ask him 350 times. And the baby wants his cup.  And his blanket.  And to wear his boots to walk in the snow, but he refuses to wear his hat.

We did manage to get out the door only eight minutes late.  Dropped the oldest at the bus stop.  Got the middle child to Great Escapes.  Took the littlest to daycare.  I got to work and started weeding through emails and calls. An hour and a half later I realized my sweater was inside out. Seriously.  No one said anything so I'm assuming no one else noticed.  It's a miracle I'm wearing clothes that match.  I'm stressed, but dressed!

Honestly, I think I need to revamp our routine. Mornings are the crazy-making part of the day. I feel like I've run a marathon before 9 a.m. Not everything has to be done in the morning, but I'm often exhausted after dinner.  I usually do the dishes, fold some laundry, watch bad T.V. or read a book before bed.

I've tried getting the kids to pick out their clothes and pack their backpacks the night before.  We're not always consistent.  Raising boys means not everything is put in it's place.  They love to toss things wherever they want. What about a chart, you ask?  Ha! Tried that, they ignore it after a few days.

I think I may have to keep working on this.  I'm sure I'll find ideas on Pinterest.  In the meantime, how do you make your mornings less chaotic?


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