My middle son is my wild child.  He is full of energy, often bouncing from one piece of furniture to another. He loves to laugh and play and run and jump.  He does not like to sit still or do any activity that requires concentration.  Coloring?  Not his thing.  Reading?  He hates it.  Correction:  He hated reading until we found Epic!

A few weeks ago I was on my iPad perusing the App Store for the best reading apps.  Epic stood out and I decided to register for a 30-day trial.  I was able to add both my younger boys (you can add 4 profiles per membership) and they now have access to thousands of books online.

As I was looking at the variety, my middle child came over and said, "Epic!  I love that site! We have this at school!"  He grabbed the iPad out of my hands and began reading books he's read in school as well as exploring new titles. The thing that surprised me the most was that some books have quizzes and he actually enjoyed taking them!

The selection of eBooks is fantastic.  My littlest is fascinated with Clifford the Big Red Dog and Epic has several audio books that we've had fun listening to and reading along!  We've been in love with the Dino series by Lisa Wheeler (the boys received Dino-Football for Christmas and we've read it almost every night since) and Epic has some of the other titles.

After the 30-day trial Epic is just $7.99 per month which I think is pretty reasonable for my kids to have access to over 25,000 eBooks.  I love that I can track their progress, create personalized "collections" and so much more.  

If you have a struggling or disinterested reader you will love Epic!  Check it out!

Disclosure:  I was not compensated in any way to provide my review.  All opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.


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