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Toxic People: It's Okay to Walk Away

What I am about to say is difficult and complicated and painful.  I'm writing it anyway.  I've avoided this subject for too long.  Turning 40 has helped me see that I can no longer allow anyone to treat me badly.  I wish I would have come to this realization sooner:  I have no room in my life for toxic people.

What is a toxic person?  This post explains it best.
There is nothing toxic people can bring to my life that justifies me having them as friends.  It's even more complicated when the toxic person is a family member.  I've learned to keep them at a distance. Yes, it sounds harsh, but I am speaking from experience.
For most of my life I have believed that if I just do x,y,z I will help the toxic person realize they are being toxic.  If I choose my words carefully, if I use a neutral tone of voice, if I delicately point out their destructive behavior they will see the light, turn their life around and stop causing harm to mine.  
This has never worked.  I have wast…

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