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Mastering Happiness

It's Week 7 of working from home for me.  I have to be honest:  I'm ready to head back to the office. 

Since I've been home forever I have had a lot of time to think about my life,  This is one of the unexpected good things about being on lock down.  I've also been meditating more consistently and I've learned to listen to my internal dialogue more often.  One realization is that I seem to say this phrase quite a bit:  "I'll be happy when..."
For a long time it has been, "I'll be happy when I've lost weight and look hot!"
And, "I'll be happy when my house is perfectly clean and in order."
Or, "I'll be happy when I make more money."
Then I realized that I've spent too much time convinced that if I just change a few things in my life then I could be truly happy.  
Friends, this is crazy-making.  Why do we believe that we have to do x, y, z to finally allow ourselves to be happy?  
And then it hit me.  I …

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