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Come On, Get Happy

A few weeks ago I found an old Partridge Family episode on TV and couldn't change the channel until the theme song finished.  I used to watch the reruns on Nickelodeon in high school and they were almost better than the Brady Bunch because, singing, dancing, bell bottoms and David Cassidy! (Okay, yes, I had a crush.) Come on, get happy.   It's quite funny that a television theme song provoked me to think about happiness, expectations and parenting.  ( Stay with me here...) I always feel ridiculous blogging about happiness.  Mostly because everyone has a vastly different definition of what it means to them.  What makes you happy most likely isn't the same for me. As a longtime blogger and reader of  blogs, I am well aware this topic has been discussed incessantly.  When I first began as a "mommyblogger" fourteen years ago, I read many posts about what happiness should look like as a wife and mother.  I should be fully present and love every minute of motherhood

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