Another Day in Quarantine

Hi, friends.  How are you doing?  Me?  I'm oscillating between hope and frustration.  I'm trying to stay positive.  My family is following the directions and staying home as much as possible, save for getting groceries and necessities and the rare medical appointment.

I've lost count of the days. I don't know how long we've been quarantined anymore and I guess I don't even care.  It's too long.  I know it's important and we're doing our part.  It's not easy.  It's tough on all of us to be confined at home for so long.

I'm still working from home.  The boys are doing distance learning for school.  Those two things together?  DISASTER.  I've cried often.  I've dropped F-bombs.  But this is the new normal and we're doing the best we can.

Things are fine.  Ha.  Let's be real.  We're at the point where we're getting on each other's nerves.  The boys are sick of each other.  They bicker a lot.  The Huz and I were patient for all of a day or two and then the gloves came off.  One day we're nice to each other.  The next day we're ready to brawl.  "Get the F away from me," may have been said once or twice.

Honestly, this reminds me of my childhood. My parents were homebodies.  We didn't go anywhere for long stretches of time. My friends and I would ride our bikes all over town, just for something to do.  But with the playgrounds closed and the non-essential businesses closed, we've run out of entertainment, other than television and movies.  The kids are reading books but even that is getting boring for them.

Today I forced them outside.  I only heard yelling once or twice.  I'm hoping they didn't kill each other because it's awfully quiet right now.

The Huz is outside doing yard work.  I heard the chainsaw earlier.  I guess I should be happy that he's got the time to get things done.

Not much to report.  We obviously don't do much.  I'm grateful I can get outside and exercise every day.  I'd go crazy without that endorphin boost!

Hang in there, friends.  One day closer to the end.  I hope.


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