Should Have Stayed Home

Have you ever had one of those days that starts off on the wrong foot?  A day that escalates into one disaster after another?

Today is that day for me.

I started the day with every intention of getting my butt to the gym.  The alarm buzzed at 5 a.m. and I sprang out of bed.  As I was trying to get my workout clothes on, my youngest woke up crying.  I tried to figure out the reason but couldn't understand what he was telling me.  The gym could wait.  I held my little guy instead.

When I finally got Gannon consoled I woke up the other boys.  Dawson is not a morning person.  He takes forever getting ready. He waits until the last minute to take the dog outside. Owen isn't easy to get up for school either.  I'm constantly yelling at him to get his butt out of bed.  I'm sure the neighbors could hear me across the block.  

After several screaming matches, I finally managed to get out the door.  Friday is Donut Day at my house and Gannon looks forward to this day every week.  This morning we stopped at Kwik Trip.  He picked out a long john with sprinkles.  As we were walking back to the car, Gannon stopped to pick up three pennies on the sidewalk.  

"Those are lucky pennies, Gannon!  You'll have good luck all day."

I got my kiddo buckled into his seat, got myself buckled, looked in the rear view mirror and began backing out of the parking stall.  Then it happened. 


I was stunned.  What did I just hit?  I looked in my mirror, saw a gold car pumping gas behind me.  He wasn't even close enough for an impact.  I obviously didn't hit that car.  

I get out of  my van and I look at it.  No damage.  Amazingly, some of that penny luck was passed to me.  Then I see the other car two stalls over with a dented fender.  My heart sank.  Where did he come from?  How could I have hit him?

Turns out, we were both backing up at the same time, in opposite directions, and my driver's side rear fender connected with his passenger side rear fender.  A total fluke.  There was a work truck parked in the stall in between us and neither of us saw each other backing out.  

I offered to call the police to get a report on file.  He declined. I shared my insurance information.  He didn't have his card with him.  We exchanged phone numbers.  We went our separate ways.

I was a wreck all the way to work.  I cried and cried.  The stress mixed with adrenaline definitely had me shaking, but no one was physically injured.  All I kept thinking was, "You should have stayed home, Dana.  You're under too much stress.  You're distracted.  You worry too much."

I called my insurance company and they advised me on what to do.  The other driver filed a claim with his insurance carrier.  This is most likely a 50/50 liability case according to both companies.  I'm relieved because it could have been so much worse. 

I'm still a little shaky but I've calmed down considerably since this morning. Things will be okay.  

I just wish I could have a Do Over on this day!


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