Understanding and Acceptance

How wonderful it would be if everyone agreed on everything all the time.  There would be no argument or conflict.  No one would fight over politics or religion.  People would be more inclined to smile.  They would be happy and loving toward their fellow man. Or would they?  Variety is the spice of life as they say.

The downside to everyone believing the same things is that we would never be challanged.  We'd never learn about other people.  We would never learn and grow and evolve into the best versions of ourselves.  How boring that would be.

In these highly political and controversial times I find myself wanting to retreat, to surround myself with like minded people with similar morals and beliefs as my own.  It's safe.  It's comfortable.  But is it really in my best interest?

As a conservative American I grow tired of constantly defending what I believe and why.  I'm disgusted by the verbal attacks because my opinion differs from the popular ones of the progressive (liberal) Americans.  I'm sad that I'm judged by my political affiliation rather than what's in my mind and heart.  But do I judge farily those who disagree with me?  That is the question I ask myself.

In examining this I realized that I'm more tolerant of differing opinions and views than I'm given credit for, perhaps because I am a bit of a pushover.  Standing up for myself often comes with a personal attack by those who dislike my opinion.  When backed into a corner, though, I don't lay down and die.  Quite the opposite; I fight for what I believe in. I own my words.

The personal is political.  I stand by my beliefs, my faith, my morals.  But I'm also learning to accept the beauty of our differences.  I'm listening and reading your words and seeking to understand your point of view.  I can only hope and pray for the same in return. 


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