Enjoying the Mundane Days

We're still recovering from our week of sickness.  I woke up this morning feeling more drained than yesterday.  I really don't think I'm getting enough sleep.  What mother does? We missed church again this morning. I feel even more guilty about this.  I know I have a legitimate reason and I'm sure people are thankful we're not out spreading germs.  I just don't like to miss Mass.  I need that quiet, prayerful hour to reset my soul for the week.

My three sons are happy to stay home today, too.  They are currently playing video games in their room.  The Huz put a television in there (he says it's only temporary) and we hooked up the old Wii. The kids forgot how much fun Wii bowling is and they are having a great time.  

I love listening to their conversations when they think I can't hear them.  My oldest is the take-charge leader telling his little brothers which buttons to push on the Wii remote.  My middle child doesn't like to be bossed around so I hear him yelling back at his older bro.  The littlest is spoiled by his older brothers; they let him have his way, even if it means skipping their turn to play.  The best part is hearing them all giggling.  I wish I could bottle that sound and open it when I'm old and senile.  

I feel compelled to document even the most mundane days.  I often forget how quickly these years will go by.  Yesterday my 13-year-old reminded me he's off to college in 5 years.  It made me sad.  Sad that these first 13 years have flown by.  How is it possible that I have a teenager?  It feels like only yesterday that I was holding my firstborn baby in my arms.  I'm not ready for him to leave me.  I'm not ready at all.  My heart can't take it. 

Even that wild middle child is growing by leaps and bounds.  He's only 8 years old but he's grown so much since school started.  The conversations we have are amazing.  Sometimes he talks and talks and I my mind races to catch up, but he is very intelligent and sees the world so differently.  He is ready to tackle any challenge thrown his way and his excitement about life is contagious.  I pray he never loses that quality. 

My sweet youngest child still needs most of my attention and I'm trying to cherish every hug, every kiss, every tantrum.  There are days that he screams over the most ridiculous things and I often feel like I can't take one more shriek.  But then I realize these things that I find completely insane are very important to him.  He likes things to be in order.  This is just how he sees the world at this age. I often wonder what the future holds for my little CEO. 

So today we're going to enjoy a boring day at home because before I know it these kids will be out on their own.  I'm going to miss the giggling.  I might even miss the yelling and running down the hallway.  Here's to the mundane!


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