What I Love About Sunday

No, I'm not referring to the country song by Craig Morgan, but it really is a great song.

I love Sunday mornings.  It's my favorite part of the weekend.  There's a quietness that I appreciate and it happens before the kids wake up and create noise.  This small window of time is when I can think and reflect and write.  Sometimes I pray and reset my mind for the coming week.

I love Sunday Mass. We belong to a wonderful church, one that is like a second home to me. I received all of my sacraments there; Baptism, First Reconciliation, First Communion, Confirmation, and of course my husband and I married there almost seventeen years ago.  I love practicing my faith with my parish family, people I've known for decades and some who've known me nearly 39 years.

I love Sunday football. We're die-hard Green Bay Packer fans in this house.  Although their 2017 season was a disaster, our love for our team will never fade.  I love the crisp autumn days, making a crock pot of wings or chili, and wearing green and gold.  I love bonding with my family, shouting cheers of joy, shedding tears of sorrow, and screaming in frustration together. Is it September yet?

I love Sunday laziness.  Sundays are laid back.  Sunday is the day of rest. No obligations.  No demands on my time. I often take the boys to the library to pick out new books.  I love watching them play with other kids in the children's area.  I love being able to read quietly while they are having fun.  Sometimes we go to the YMCA to swim.  In the cold winter months, there's not much to do outside (other than sledding or tobogganing at Iverson Park) and swimming is a fun activity to break up the monotony.  When the Huz has a Sunday off we go bowling.  Last weekend he kicked our tails.  The boys can't wait to go again.

I love Sunday walks. After my littlest was born I had some blood pressure issues (I had pre-eclampsia) and my OB/GYN advised to go on leisurely walks to bring it back down.  Maneuvering the stroller was hard for me those first few weeks so the older boys would come along and take turns pushing the baby.  It then became a tradition. The boys love taking turns choosing the route.  We walk to the park, the grocery store, the gas station, the ice cream shop and sometimes we just choose a direction by flipping a coin.  Those are the most fun for my 8-year-old.  His sense of adventure is contagious.  "I wonder which way we'll turn next!" he'd say.

I love Sunday cooking.  Working full time doesn't leave much time for anything but quick meals during the week.  On Sunday I can relax and plan a menu.  I dig out my cookbooks (I have quite the collection) and find something the whole family will enjoy.  This is usually when I experiment, however.  The boys get a kick out of it.  "Why is mom making all this fancy food?  What is that flavor?"  Sometimes I even get them to help make meals.  That's when the real fun begins!

What I love the most about Sunday is spending time with my family. The days are long but the years are short.  I want them to look back and remember all the things we've done together.  I want them to carry on some of these traditions with their own families one day.

Enjoy your Sunday!  I leave you with this:


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