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Happy New Year

It's the first day of 2019! It still amazes me how quickly time passes, but I'm relieved that 2018 is over.  I've been through a whirlwind of changes over the last six months and I'm proud to say I've survived my obligatory midlife crisis. I'm working on writing about this but I've found the process to be filled with raw emotion so it's taking much longer than I anticipated.

At the end of July, I started working a second job two days a week.  My father owns a tavern that he operated for twenty years and then leased out the last fourteen.  My youngest brother decided to give the bar business a go and my sister has been working there since they reopened last March.  Coming back to the place where I grew up has been surreal.  It felt so strange and yet so very familiar.  I've become acquainted with new customers and brought back a few of the veterans, and I'm having fun, but the added stress of dealing with drunks can take a toll if I'm not ca…

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