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Quality Time with Kids

As a mom I often feel overwhelmed by the pressures of daily life.  Working full time can consume all of my time and energy leaving nothing left for my husband and children. There are days I come home exhausted and my children immediately bombard me with requests and questions.

What's for dinner? 

Can I have a playdate with my friend?  

Can we go shopping?

Can we go to the library?

I'm hungry! 

Some days this is enough to send me over the edge. I love that my children are happy to see me, but sometimes I wish they could greet me with a hug and then give me five minutes to decompress from my often busy work days. I also wish I could fit more time with my children into my busy schedule.  We have our  routine trips to the library each week, but I'm sure my kids would like to try new things.  It's difficult to find new things to do in the winter months other than sledding which we did only once because we're lacking in snow this season.

It's important to me to nurture a …

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