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God Bless Texas

May was a very busy month for me.  I traveled for work two weeks in a row.  I also managed to break my pinky toe five days before my first flight.  This required buddy taping my toes and wearing the ugliest boot you've ever seen.  Not a good shoe to wear while running through airports.

My first trip was to the great State of Texas. It had been 17 years since my last trip to the Lone Star State; far too long in my opinion.  I had a wonderful time exploring Austin, which felt so very familiar to me.  I was doing some shopping on Congress Avenue and realized this city reminded me of Madison with it's eclectic shops and weirdness.  It's no wonder the slogan of the Capitol of Texas is "Keep Austin Weird."

The shops on Congress are fantastic!  This funky little shopping district has an awesome view of the Capitol building, amazing restaurants, shops and things to see and do!

I visited Allens Boots, Big Top Candy Shop, Co-Star, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (coolest cos…

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